Sell tickets online for any type of event

Drop a checkout on your website or social media, start selling tickets within minutes. Get paid directly. Scan tickets at the event with our powerful mobile app.

Your Event. Your Software.

We Scan Tickets is a software solution for you. That means we won't try take your customers to other events. The payment process is taken on your website or your social media. Your customers are 100% your data. Packed with all the features you need to sell tickets online.


Completely free to event organisers. You have the choice of who covers the fees, get paid directly on a 7-day rolling basis.


Tracking Promotions

Monitor individual checkouts based on page views, interactions and sales. Integrate Facebook pixels and Google Analytics.


Scan Tickets

Scan your tickets using our powerful mobile scanning app. Over the internet, offline mode or even a multi-gate network.


The easy to use checkout widget

Checkout flow is one of the most important parts of capturing a sale.

That's why our checkout is designed with the minimum number of steps possible.

Why don't you have a go? We won't charge you anything.

A solution made easy

You can setup your event and tickets and start selling within minutes. Single button to reschedule your event for the next year.

Required Features

We like to give the organiser all the tools required. features like: re-send tickets, refund customers, download sales lists.

Powerful Features

Even more advanced features like integrate tracking solutions, manage guestlists. Integrate with email campaigns and so much more.


Or do you have a few questions? head over to the contact page, we'll be more than happy to answer them for you.