About We Scan Tickets

Who we are and what is our goal

We Scan Tickets aims to offer advanced software that’s simple and easy to use. We look forward to playing a big part in the event industry in the future, but here’s our story so far.

April 2018

IOS Scanning App

A large amount of our clients required an IOS version of the app, the app was developed and released to the store supporting internet scanning and local network scanning.

May 2017

Full-time Developers

Our full-time developers have been working on the system since June 2017, resulting in a completely re-engineered dashboard and checkout boasting a host of up-to-the-minute solutions and technology.

April 2015

Scanning Setup version 2

As followers and users of modern technology we found that using a custom-built smartphone app was more efficient and user-friendly then handheld scanners. So, in April 2015 we released our first public scanning app on the Android App Store.

June 2014

Integrated with Stripe

We adopted Stripe as a payment platform because, unlike PayPal, it is designed specifically for developers. This opened up the functionality of our system, allowing us to create tools such as refunds and connected fees, and ultimately enabling direct payment to event organisers.

April 2014

Invested in first scanning setup

Our first scanning solution was to use handheld laser 2D image scanners. We created a local network on-site and had up to seven scanners communicating concurrently.

August 2013

Incorporated as a limited company

In 2013 we realised the potential of our scanning solution for organisers of any event so decided to become a limited company. At that stage we simply relied on word-of-mouth recommendation to gather clients and drum up business.

June 2012

Sold tickets for Mighty Dub Fest 2012

We Scan Tickets as a company emerged from our first ‘Mighty Dub Fest’ festival and the need to improve ticket sale and distribution efficiency. Our young developer, Andy Emmett, rose to the challenge with his first software creation that successfully sold, emailed and scanned tickets for ‘Mighty Dub Fest 2012’.


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