We have grown our business by building great relationships with our customers. By becoming immersed in every aspect of an event, we find out how our customers tick and how we can help sell more tickets.

Our customers range from charity night organisers to large festival companies. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service to the ticket buyers and event organisers.

Tony Gueilla

"We Scan Tickets was as usual the easiest way for our customers to buy via our Facebook page and our website. All enquires and questions were answered quickly and politely by the team, I had numerous positive responses by customers about the ticketing."

Brad Wilkinson

"We Scan Tickets gave us a simple online ticket retail solution. I'm extremely pleased with the service, the support and the genuine kind nature of the staff that assisted us making sure ticket sales was something I just didn't need to worry about. Thank you team!"

Alan Bailey

"We used We Scan Tickets to sell for our first event, and set up a live ticket page on Facebook which was then shared, all we had to do was watch the sales come in."


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